2016 Marked the 30th Anniversary since the Founding of the Frontier Animal Society

It’s hard to believe that it has been more than thirty years since the Frontier Animal Society first opened its doors. Three decades is a significant milestone. In that time, people, and certainly animals, have come and gone and we’ve experienced considerable change. Through it all, there was one constant; our beacon, Joyce Dekker, the shelter’s indelible founder. In 2015, after 29 years of truly selfless devotion to the animals in her care, Joyce made the difficult decision to take a step back from her day to day shelter duties and begin her well earned retirement. In her tenure as shelter director, Joyce was a caregiver, she was a mentor, she was an advocate and she was unrelenting in her commitment to making this world a kinder and gentler place for cats and dogs.

In addition to her work at the shelter, Joyce, who is a staunch advocate of spay and neuter, started a low cost sterilization clinic for cats. The need for this service was significant and in the 22 years the clinic was in operation, well over 8,000 cats were sterilized and vaccinated. The service was available to local residents who paid a nominal fee and hundreds of strays (many of them barn cats) were sterilized free of charge. In October 2014 the clinic ceased operations when the vet offering the clinic retired.

Because of Joyce’s dedication, countless dogs and cats have found permanent homes and lived out their lives in safety, with attention and love.

With a team of committed volunteers in place and with Joyce’s vision as our guide, we will continue to provide shelter and care to neglected, abandoned or stray cats and dogs. We will also advocate for better animal welfare laws and carry on her mission to promote responsible pet ownership through education and awareness raising.