Donations can be made by check in the name of SAFAS, 2405 Griffin Road, Ogden, QC J0B 3E3 OR by paypal or credit card using the donate button below.

All donations of $20.00 or more are tax deductible.

On behalf of the hundreds of animals whose lives you’ve helped us save, we thank you for your generous financial support. Your donation is critical to our continued success and to our ability to help those who need us most.


The shelter is always in need of supplies. Some of the items we currently need are:

For the Animals:
Wet cat food (no specific brand)
Dry cat food (no specific brand)
Wet dog food (no specific brand)
Cat litter (we use pine/wood pellets which can be purchased at most hardware stores)
Temptations treats for cats
Dog biscuits and treats (not rawhides)
Scratching posts

Cleaning Supplies:
Paper towels
Spray cleaners (natural is better as they have fewer toxins)
Laundry soap
Large garbage bags
Liquid hand soap
Dish soap

If you would like to donate one or more of the items mentioned above to our shelter, please contact us by email If you live in Montreal, we also have a drop off location in NDG.