2021: Holiday Fundraising Campaign

November 30, 2021

In a perfect world, every dog and every cat would be born and raised in a warm, safe, and loving home. They would never be scared, they would never be cold, they would never be hungry, and they would never be hurt.

Our world, however, is far from perfect.  And so, with your support, we will continue our mission to save and protect dogs and cats in need.

We will continue to rescue abused and frightened dogs like Kenzie, Andrew and Spider all of whom were spared the unimaginable cruelty of a South Korean dog meat farm.

We will continue to rescue skinny and neglected stray cats like Stella and Eartha, who were callously tormented and shot with a pellet gun, simply because they had nowhere to go.

We will continue to rescue good dogs who grew too big, shed too much or required “too much work.” And we will continue to rescue the hundreds of abandoned cats and kittens left struggling to survive outdoors.

And then, when they are ready, we will find each cat and each dog a loving forever home where they will never be scared, never be cold, never be hungry and never be hurt. This is the part we love, and we know you feel the same.

We also love the happy updates, especially when they include photos of our adopted dogs sprawled out on the couch, sleeping comfortably by the fireplace, or playing with their favorite new toy.  We love the heartwarming photos of our once timid cats curled up on someone’s lap or stretched out on a sunny windowsill. We love to hear that some of our former shelter dogs are now certified therapy dogs and even champions of agility. And we love when adopters share how much joy and comfort their adopted animal brings to them.

So, while our world may not be perfect, with your support we can make it a gentler and safer place for hundreds of abandoned and neglected cats and dogs.

As the holiday season approaches be kind, be compassionate, and if you can, be generous. The shelter depends on you to continue our important work.

Donations can be made by cheque in the name of SAFAS and mailed to 2405 Griffin Road, Ogden, QC J0B 3E3 or by credit card or PayPal using the donate button on this website.

On behalf of all of us at the Frontier Animal Society (SAFAS), we thank you for your support. Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season.