2018 has been a busy but rewarding year with 95 dogs and over 120 cats and kittens placed into loving forever homes

November 19, 2018

Animal rescue is not without its fair share of heartache, but there are so many happy outcomes.      We do our best to stay focused on the positive.

On the day we get that call to take in two scared and neglected puppy mill survivors, we think about Mollyssa—a 5 year old Miniature Teckel saved from a similar fate—playing in the snow for the first time ever; her tail wagging a mile a minute. And when that email arrives, asking if we have room for a timid and skinny stray cat who is struggling to survive in the cold, we remember Hiccup—rescued after months living outdoors—who now spends his winters curled up on a cozy blanket; finally warm, safe and loved.

We strive for the happy outcomes. Your support makes these outcomes possible.

2018 was a busy but rewarding year with 95 dogs and over 120 cats and kittens placed into loving forever homes. Among the animals adopted from our shelter this year were Valliere, a calm and gentle cat who was picked up from the street after being heartlessly tossed from the window of a moving car, and Jacko, the most unassuming of dogs who suffered from entropion—a painful eye condition that was left untreated for his entire 7 years. And of course, our beloved senior cats: Tom Black, Gracey, George, Oneill, Dom, Simon and Pussy Willow and a sweet but timid retired sled dog now named Mika who spent ten long years chained up in filth. And we can’t forget, WooJoo, Haeley, William and Jinny all of whom survived the unspeakable horrors of a South Korean dog meat farm.

Each and every animal that comes into our care is special in his or her own way and all deserve to be safe, happy and loved. Whether you are an adopter, a donor, a foster or a volunteer, together we transform the lives of these truly amazing animals. For all those still in need of a soft place to land, we hope we can count on your support again this year.

As a registered charity, we depend entirely on donations and rely on the support of volunteers to assist us in our day-to-day operations. We can’t do this without you.

Donations can be made by cheque in the name of SAFAS and mailed to 2405 Griffin Road, Ogden, QC J0B 3E3 or by credit card or paypal by visiting our website at safas.ca

On behalf of all of us at the Frontier Animal Society, thank you for your support.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!

The SAFAS Team