SAFAS President’s Report to the AGM, December 2017

It has been a good year for the Society, capped by our recent nomination as the Quebec Rescue of the Year, which came with a financial reward, as well as providing us with a clear sense that we are making a difference in the lives of the animals which come into our care. I will outline the year in terms of the four main areas: Fund raising, adoptions, facility improvements and personnel.

Fund raising: Events have been held this year: in chronological order from the time of the last AGM: The Christmas mailing, the dog walk, the Piggery theatre event and the auction. We were also the beneficiaries of the duck race held at the strawberry social in Fulford, for which we were very grateful. All the events were well attended and raised at or above the expected amounts, with the dog walk being very successful. Despite having fewer events we have had a successful year financially with our balance at the end of the year being very close to where we started the year, despite having spent a considerable amount on renovations, and having all the usual expenses. The donations we receive throughout the year from individuals who are loyal in their support have increased substantially, and we are immensely grateful to all our donors and especially to those who give on a regular basis. Needless to say we are very grateful for all the hard work which so many people put in to make the events happen and to make them successful.

Adoptions have been going well. We have been very successful in moving approximately seventy dogs out to good homes. Many of the dogs are quickly adopted and even those who stay with us for a comparatively long time eventually find homes. With the cats the adoption and re-homing has been going on apace, with over 100 leaving us for a better life. With all the animals we are of course very grateful to the veterinary services who do so much for them—Dr. Hunter and Connie Knaggs down in Newport and her assistants, Dr. Kim and Dr. Bill and their assistants at the Derby Pond clinic, and Catherine who comes and helps us on site with her invaluable assistance. We have also taken a large number of cats to the spay and neuter clinic in Vermont on three different occasions this year. Lucie Blanchette continues to provide invaluable help with dogs which need some special training before adoption.

We continue with many facility improvements, building on the major changes we made last year. The gate to the dog park was repaired, a camper van was purchased and prepared for feral cats, a bath for animals and a wash basin were installed and the front door was replaced. The cat accommodations have received a major make-over, involving tearing out the old furniture and fixtures, installing new shelves, windows and doors, painting and cleaning which has made for better hygiene and more light and less odour. A lean-to has been built on the north side of the building, the fire system has been installed and the walls on the south side are currently being renovated. It is safe to say that our facility reflects our concern to do the best for the animals while they are with us.

Finally the people who make it all happen. I will mention by name our faithful employees, Jeffrey and Dora who are essential and reliable and loyal. We are fortunate to have them. And finally all those who volunteer in so many different capacities—on behalf of the Society we thank you for your dedication to the work of looking after and finding homes for all those animals who come into our care.

Charles Peacock